bilder im kopf     together with philipp schömitzidea & conception

                                              and clara fidesser, graphic and book design

is a collaborative photographic project with blind and
highly sight impaired people. the resulted works show
their very personal approaches to photography

the project aimed on connecting sight impaired people
and sighted people with each other - to create a space
for communication and discuss over different ways of
perception, visual identities and of course photography. 

bilder im kopf

as a part of  the group exhibiton BLICKDICHT in summer 2015
together with projects of the photographers ralph nachtmann
and katharina rossboth in hamburg (DE) 

as a solo show during the in-house exhibition of the 
Digital Store Vienna (AU) in november 2015

a documentary short movie is in progress

for further questions and detailed description don't hesitate
to contact me!


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